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Rosie Swale-Pope MBE

Rosie Swale-Pope MBE

She is the only person in world history, man or woman, to have undertaken an epic solo, unsupported run around our world- over 20,000 miles facing extreme danger, bitter Siberian winters, wolves, axmen and desolate loneliness over nearly five years.

British adventurer & marathon runner
5 year round-the-world run

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Global Adventurer Rosie Swale-Pope is recognized as one of the world’s most courageous, gutsy women of her generation. Her international best-seller book "JUST A LITTLE RUN AROUND THE WORLD is Rosie's understated yet gripping, heart-rending account of the resilience of the human spirit to passionately take hold of a noble dream, then triumph over every adversity in life, including the death of the love of her life to make it a reality. Rosie is also an exceptional storyteller and inspiring corporate motivational speaker whose messages are full of the inspiring, life-enriching lessons we all need to hear in these challenging, uncertain times.

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