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Dr. Gerard Lyons

Dr. Gerard Lyons

Gerard is a leading international economist with thirty years experience in the City and in the global and public policy debate. Last year he was considered as a contender for the role of Governor of the Bank of England. He focuses on being right, not on being part of the consensus. He  is able to bring to life complex issues and make them relevant to his audience in an interesting and easy to understand way.

Chief Economic Strategist
Author, speaker & forecaster

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About this Speaker

Described by the Times as, “One of the leading analysts of the global economy” Gerard is always at the forefront of the economic and policy debate. He has visited 84 countries on business and spoken to audiences across the globe. He has testified to committees of the US Senate and Congress, spoken at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing  and during the recent pandemic he testified to UK Treasury Select Committee following his cutting edge work on the economics of the crisis and how to exit from lockdowns during the vaccine gap. He has been credited with great foresight, having made a number of correct non-consensus calls on the economic outlook. In addition to his economic expertise, Gerard has held senior business roles with leading international banks. With a PhD from the University of London he then spent a quarter of a century in the City where his views were always sought by global investors. He then held a high profile public sector role for four years as economic advisor to Boris Johnson when he was Mayor of London. Now Gerard has a portfolio of roles, as shareholder and strategist with a cutting edge FinTech wealth management firm Netwealth, is on the board of Bank of China (UK), is a senior fellow at one of the UK’s leading think tanks, Policy Exchange, and since its inception he has been on the advisory board of the environmental group, the Grantham Institute on Climate Change and the Environment at the LSE and Imperial College.

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